If you are sports freak, you must be familiar with the X Games in ESPN. You don’t need to switch on the television for enjoying the game anymore as the official X Games app has been released for Android run Smartphones and Tablets. If your device runs on Android 2.2 and above versions, you can install the game from Google Play.

The app gives you a wholesome coverage of the X Games event. If you are using this app, you won’t miss anything in the event. This year’s X Games starts with the winter event, which is scheduled to begin from January 24, Aspen, Colorado.
The app consists of various features. Some of them are following;

  • Ease at watching the highlights, which include runs, clips, tricks and many more from X Games.
  • You can install the results of the game events on your device.
  • The app delivers you news from time to time so that you can keep up with everything that’s happening in the event.
  • You can have schedules that detail the venue and timing of all the games.
  • You can also watch the telecast live on ESPN through your device.
  • Two highly popular features TrickTrack and HyperMeter will enhance your game viewing experience.

Other than the aforementioned features, you can also catch the exclusive events in the game and the bios of the players. Those, who used this app are impressed with it. The benefits of using this app are quite a few; the very first thing to mention about it is that it’s free. Secondly, ESPN is one of the most viewed TV channels across the world and events such as X Games are immensely popular among sports lover. So, chances are really high that the app will be downloaded by numerous users.

There’s a reason that television viewing apps are becoming popular these days. When someone watches television, he doesn’t get the chance to interact or share the viewable content. However, apps like X Games have interactive elements, which make the viewing experience memorable for all the viewers. The viewers doesn’t feel stuck, he can rather watch streaming content and listen to online music while watching the X Games. That’s what makes the app a must have one.

Already there is a satisfactory number of installations of this app and hopefully, in the forthcoming days, more people will install it.