Last week, we covered the news of rumors surrounding the release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. We mentioned in that article, the upcoming S4 by Samsung may run on TIZEN instead of Key Lime Pie. A weeek back, it was just another rumor but it seems now that industry sources have picked this one out quite seriously. They started comparing two speculative scenarios; Samsung Galaxy Note III and S4 running on TIZEN and those devices running on Android 5.0.

Android 5.0 or on TIZEN

Before digging into those rumors and speculations, let me state that I am in agreement with what Rick Berke of Autoo Mobile wrote on this. I’m not sure about Galaxy Note III but 2013 is definitely going to be marked for the release of S4, TIZEN and Android 5.0.

Each of them has a background story. Let’s start with S4; Galaxy S3 has seen an excellent sale through 2012 and being its successor, S4 may help Samsung to surpass previous year’s sales figure. So far, there’s just a leaked video on S4’s release. But what we see in that video is quite stunning; S4 appeared to have ultra-thin exterior and a glossy screen. When the device will be released in the market (Probably in April this year), the super-thin look might be its main selling point.

The story behind TIZEN is more interesting. It was heard a year back that Samsung is working on an application with Intel, the application was acknowledged as a mobile operating system with the name TIZEN. It wasn’t clear whether Samsung will at all release it, but now when the speculation is on high, we can shrug off all doubts; TIZEN will indeed be introduced to Samsung users in 2013.

As for Android 5.0, it is the successor of the 4.1 version, known as the Jelly Bean. Most industry sources are of the same opinion that Google will announce 5.0’s release from its I/O conference, which scheduled to be held in May of this year. Jelly Bean was announced from the same platform a year ago and Google will most likely follow this tradition.

We’d have to wait for few more months to verify how authentic the present rumors are. But I think there’s a good chance of S4 running on TIZEN instead of Android 5.0. That’s because TIZEN was developed chiefly for reducing Samsung’s dependence on Google. When S3 made a remarkable business last year, the release of S4 is a great opportunity to introduce TIZEN. Will Samsung miss this opportunity? I don’t think so, but let’s see. However, if this happens, TIZEN and S4 will show up at the same time. In line with the rumors, let’s assume that will be in April, in that case, we’ll have to rethink of a device partner for Android 5.0.