Google Nexus 6 has created a lot of the buzz in the web world, though it is at a very initial stage of development. The rumoured out of the box specifications of this phone have already raised this phone to the status of being an eye candy. Moreover, tech buffs are of the opinion that this phone is going to come with an affordable price tag so that it remains with the reach of all global consumers.


However, the question remains are these efforts enough to woo the potential consumers? The smartphone world is saturated with news of Samsung and Apple, two of the mobile manufacturing giants are busy developing the blueprint of technology that will produce wraparound screen or curved screed for their next generation phones. Since Google Nexus 6 is also one of the potential players of the smartphone championship of 2014, will it remain indifferent to such development?

Possible no and this has led us to conclude that even Google developers must be mulling over including this feature in their next generation phone. The popularity of LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round amongst the consumers has already made known that expectations of the consumers from the mobile manufactures and we do not expect Google to be so indifferent either. However, we are yet receive any confirmation about the features of Google Nexus 6, including the type of screen that it will sport from the developers themselves.

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Wraparound screen needs the use of advanced technology where the display of the phone will be extended on both the edges.The buttons on the sides of the phone which we habitually use for performing some basic functions will be replaced by censors and making it possible to for the users to perform some basic functions with one hand only. However, tech buffs are of the opinion that this feature may turn out to be faulty as the censors might get activated by friction against any other body without the knowledge of the users. However, we are very sure that developers will find out a solution to tackle this problem.

Curved or flexible screen is definitely going to make the Google Nexus 6 appear trendy and be very user-friendly as well, especially since it is going to come with a 6 inch display. We hope to get some confirmation from the Google developers soon that we can quench our curiosity about the next product. We are surely going to keep you updated as well!!