Instagram’s, is one of the most popular online photo and video sharing application. It was launched in the year 2010 but recently the right of using this app was bought by Facebook. In the latest and improvised version of this software i.e. Instagram 4.0 video sharing facilities have been also added. These awesome features were added to this application to give Vine, another application of the same genre, a tough competition. Vine is another video sharing apps introduced by Twitter which has also gained a lot of popularity within a short span of time. So here is a comparison between the features of these two apps and reasons why Instagram has won this head to head battle, specially in the Android platform.

Why Instagram Video Is Much Than Vine


Originally, Instagram was compatible only with iOS platform, but in the year 2012 this application was revised so that it can work smoothly in the Android platform as well. This is one of main reasons for its instantaneous popularity. This application helps you to share photos and videos in different kind of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Moreover, other features of this photo sharing software are also much better, easier to use and bigger. This application runs smoothly in both iOS as well as Android platform.

On the contrary, the Android users are going have a dreadful experience while using Vine online photo sharing application. The application gets hanged easily, the users will not be able to scroll to the different menus in the application easily and it does not allow the users to use their front facing camera. Many features available in iOS version of Vine are not present in Android’s version and thus making not worth using. Moreover, Vine can be only used in Twitter, whereas Instagram can be used in most of the social networking sites and thus making the latter a much better option.

Playing Videos

All the videos that you have uploaded using Vine will start to play automatically once you scroll up or down the Vine application. There is no way to pause the videos and thus you are going to continuously hear a lot of confusing noise. Since all the videos starts to play all at one time, this application also takes much longer time to get uploaded and the users would not be able to scroll up and down easily.

Instagram users have the option of changing the profile settings using which you can keep the auto play option can be kept switched off. Thereafter, you will have the option of watching only the videos you want to watch by selecting the exclusive play button. Thus is specially needed if the length of the video loaded in long. However, using Vine you can upload a video only up to the length of seven seconds. Therefore, if Vine does not want to get oblivious in this highly competitive market, then the developers only have a few months to refurbish it.

Length of the Video

Instagram allows the users to upload 5 – 15 secs video, whereas using Vine videos of only 6 sec length can be uploaded. Since the Instagram videos are of longer length the developers had to include the play and pause feature. It is acceptable that the Vine users can wait for 6 sec for a video to end and that is the reason they did not think it important to include the play and pause feature. But the Vine developers must take an initiative to increase the length of their video to at least 12 seconds and thereafter include the automatic customizing option in the future course of time.

Poor Camera

Two major defects of the Vine application’s camera is its poor picture quality and the fact that no front facing camera can be used on it. Moreover, there is on option of auto focus which is present on Instagram. However, the most disappointing fact is that on iOS Vine supports front facing camera, but the same is not applicable for Android OS. This is an important setback of the Vine photo sharing application.

These are some of the aspects on which Instagram has given a tough competition to Vine. Vine developers must take up the initiative to develop their Android based Vine apps to make it popular among the users.