When we say Samsung, you automatically think smartphones. This is how this tech-giant has changed the face of smartphone technology. In fact, Samsung is one of the highest contenders in the smartphone market and is giving a stiff competition to Apple. The current release, Galaxy S7 series sports amazing features, but of course it is never enough to satiate the thirst of technophiles. So we are here to give you a whiff of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 series.


Inside Out

The magnum opus of Samsung smartphones is ought to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 octa-core processor. The 6 GB RAM will speed up the processing time like never seen before. With iOS 10 introducing delible apps for Apple smartphones, Samsung has to up their game when it comes to the Android interface and of course the default apps which come with the phone. So in addition to the latest Android OS you can see additional apps like the fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, fast charging options and a mini projector. Lg also releaseing next flagship smartophone, LG G6, with same features.

What Do We See?

The S7 is sporting a 2K resolution with a 577 pi pixel density on its 5.1 inch screen. But with the Galaxy S8 series Samsung is all set to introduce a new game altogether. A super sized 5.5 inch screen will come with a 4K resolution. This will be quite similar to the display generated by the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with Bravia engine. Samsung is also to introduce VR tech with the new series, which on the practical side, may skyrocket the price of Galaxy S8.

Picture Perfect

The camera quality of Samsung has always been a huge plus point for all the recent releases. So it will not be a surprise when S8 launches with a 30 MP rear camera and a minimum of 13 MP front camera. Default features of the smartphone will allow you to geo-tag pictures, access direct facial recognition, shoot in HDR and of course enjoy auto laser focus besides other additive features.

Why so Blue?

In addition to upgrading the original OLED screen Samsung S8 will also include a Bio Blue technology which will reduce the levels of blue light emissions from the screen. The levels of the blue light will be reduced to a minimum of 6 percent from a bare 32 percent which is inherent of the new smartphones in the market. Which means you can chat for longer, work better and play smoother without the banes of headaches and eye stress.

How Long Does The Goodness Last?

Samsung has already proven its expertise when it comes to battery life. Plus this model will come with a wireless charger and other fast charging options which will make you forget the traumas of charging your phone or the panic attacks when your phone drains the last few bars just before a con call.

Release and Price

We do not expect to see this beaut in the market before the first quarter of 2017. It may be April by the time Samsung Galaxy S8 is released in the main markets and 2-3 more to reach the smaller markets. But the price may become a limiting factor as all these goodies packed in one small smartphone doesn’t come for cheap. The prices can soar up to $900 USD depending on the phone’s internal memory with the 64 GB model obviously costing significantly higher than the 32 GB model.

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