It was in the air for quite some time that Google is working on the new update of Android Jelly Bean.  The air is now cleared as Google has pushed the Android 4.2.2 update to its Nexus devices. The users living in U.S. are now enjoying the latest variant of Android Jelly Bean.


The news regarding the release of Android 4.2.2 came from a Anyways, many users have received the update and many are still in the waiting list. Even the manual installation processes are live on the web, and one can install this latest update manually as well.

It has been seen that the variants of previous versions in Android don’t come with much new features. But this update packs some nice features, and thus gives a good reason for the users to install it.


Not any big feature is introduced in this update, but some minor new features are added in the list. But these minor features are really very helpful. One of the new features is better notification in app downloads. This feature makes the downloading task damn pleasuring, as it now shows both the downloading status of any particular file and time left to download that file. This gives an estimate to use that when he/she should opt for the downloading of the next app.

Another interesting feature that has become part of Android family with the Android 4.2.2 is Quick Settings Toggles. Long press on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi squares will let people use them as toggles. The ‘Home’ is not a toggle while the Airplane Mode is single press toggle.

New sounds are added in the sound scheme. For example, sound is added for the notification of low battery, and one another for wireless charging.

Apart from these features, some security tweaks are also seen in the Android 4.2.2. The one such tweak is about the USB debugging Mode. When you connect your Android 4.2.2 based device to computer through ADB, it asks you the permissions on whether to allow USB debugging at the time of connection, or not.

Other minor features that have been come up so far is fast Gallery loading, and hence improved overall performance.

Well, it’s just single day passed after the release of Android 4.2.2 update. More features, and bugs will get discovered in the near future. We will keep you posted about both these aspects. Stay tuned!