Do you like to listen to music? Everyone does! If you also, then probably you might be aware from Google Music that allows you to upload the music that you purchase from Google Play to Google’s servers, and thus to listen to it from your Android device of web anytime. Mind the words ‘Only purchased from Google Play‘. What if you have music from any other source? If you wish to upload songs to Google Music from your smartphone or tablet, then this tutorial can help you for sure. Just follow it!


 Setting UP Computer

  • Download Dropbox from here and install the same on your PC. Make sure that to make an account (free one) there.
  • Once you install it, just create any folder and give it any random name. Make sure to give the meaningful name.
  • Point your browser to Google Music page by clicking here. Setup Google Music account there. Bingo! It’s all free.
  • Click on ‘Upload Music’ option that you can see at top right of the page. You will be asked to download Google’s ‘Music Manager’. Do it from here.
  • Install this Music Manager on your computer and after logging into your account; select ‘upload songs to Google Play’.
  • Specify the place where you will keep your favorite music tracks. Look for ‘other folders’ option and select the same. Now select ‘Add Folder’ option and navigate to the folder that you created in second step.
  • You will be asked whether to given automatic upload power to the selected folder. Click ‘Yes’. It’s highly important!

Setting up Phone or tablet

  • Download the app of Dropbox for your smartphone or tablet. Click here to do so.
  • Download the file manager called ‘Astro’. Do it from here.
  • Navigate to folder which contains your favorite music tracks. Simply use the ‘Copy’ function to copy all such folders.
  • Open ‘Dropbox’ while being in Astro file manager. Open the folder that you created in second step of previous portion. Paste the copied folders in this folder.
  • All the pasted folders and hence your favorite music will get stored on Google’s servers.
  • Now all of your favorite music is on Google server and you can enjoy it anywhere. Just download the Google Music app from Play Store. Simply click here to do so.

That’s it! Now start enjoying your music from your Android or any other device. Feel free to ask us your problems (if any) in the comment box below.