In September 2013, Samsung released one of the best devices in the android world-Galaxy Note 3. The consumers have gone wild, complementing Samsung for providing one of the most powerful devices in the market today. Soon afterwards, rumors and speculations of the next note have filled the consumer market. People are overly excited of even getting a better device. Some of the specifications in the next galaxy be included to deal with competition from other players such as LG. The specifications that are rumored to be included in this regard are:

samsung note 4

Curved Displays

After LG announced that it will be releasing flexible OLED panels, Samsung came up with their curved Galaxy Round. This device has been innovatively made for a market that has been yearning for such. The trend is said to continue in the devices that Samsung will be releasing in the next few moths, one of it being Galaxy Note 4. The just released Galaxy Note 3 is flat, and it is expected that the next note will be an improvement-so that it includes a curved feature. The curved feature in the galaxy round was merely an innovation to give the consumer style while using the device. However, tilting the device gives you some information such as battery levels and notifications.  It is also expected to be featured in Galaxy Note 4 for the same purpose.

Flexible Display

This is one of the innovations that most consumers have been promised without success by the Smartphone manufacturers. Galaxy Note 4 is said to feature a flexible display, which may bring an amazing experience on the consumer’s side. The feature allows the user to bend the phone without it breaking. Still, the device becomes thinner and lighter, which is something that most consumers would pay to anything to take home. Coming up with such a device is not easy, and competitors such as LG are already considering doing a lot of adjustments to ensure that everything works out fine. One of the adjustments made by LG is to include having a bendable battery to complement the flexible display.

Is It Practical To Have A Curved And A Flexible Device In 2014?

The innovation process has been massive in the Smartphone industry. The competition is very stiff, which makes it impossible for a Samsung to stop innovating. However, a device that combines a curved and a flexible display is not easy to make. A lot of giant technological muscle must go into making such a device. More so, there are other specifications promised to be featured in the Galaxy Note 4. Such specs include wireless charging and a better camera from what we have already seen in Galaxy Note 3. With such promises, it seems impractical to include all these features within the same phablet, and within such a short duration. However, we cannot completely rule out such a possibility; Samsung may surprise us this time

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