It seems like that technological innovations know no bounds, all thanks to the ingenious tech geeks. Just when we were thinking that the ultimate tablet has been launched in the market, Asus has come with an awesome transformer named Transformer Book Trio. This gadget was showcased for the first time in Computex Show 2013 and it is special owing to the fact that the users can operate two operating systems (Android and Windows 8) from this gadget at a single time.


The first question that came to my mind after reading the name of this gadget is why a gadget powering two operating systems called a Trio? On further research I found out that this gadget has been christened a Trio not because two OS can run on it simultaneously, but because this single gadget combines the unique features of three varieties of computer like a Tablet, Notepad as well functioning flexibility of a desktop.

Asus’s Transformer Book Trio consists of two parts the tablet and the detachable keyboard. For running two operating systems at the same time, the users have to attach the keyboard with the main device. The keyboard of this device has been optimized to be compatible with Windows 8, whereas the touch screen is only compatible with Android platform. If you want to use both the platforms simultaneously, then the users can switch over the two platforms at the click of a single button. However, if the keyboard is being detached from the screen, then the transformer acts as an Android tablet only. The Windows 8 interface does not work without the keyboard attached to it.

This gadget comes with some awesome specifications that make it one of the best transformers that will be available in the market in future. The Windows 8 interface is powered by a fourth generation Intel Core – i7 4500U processor. Whereas the Android’s Jelly Bean processor is powered by Intel Atom Z2580 chip running with a speed of 2 Gigahertz. Both these processors are powered by two separate batteries of 33 Wh and 19 Wh for the Windows and Android respectively. The larger of these two batteries is nicely concealed underneath the keyboard.

Asus Transformer Book Trio comes with a 1TB built in storage capacity and the Android tablet is integrated with 64 GB flash drive. The transformer is very sleek and light in weight and comes with a chic brushed metal finish. The screen size of the gadget is 11.6 inch and has a 1080 high definition screen resolution.

Though we have been given a brief overview of the different specifications of this gadget, but Asus is yet to quote the price of this cutting edge gadget or even its date of release. We are expecting it to be launched in the second half of 2013. In the meantime Asus is going to launch its MeMo Pad FHD tablet.

Post us your views about this cutting edge transformer.