The true potential of the android phones cannot be understood until and unless we start using the diverse kinds of apps on it. However, if you are using a third party application on your android phone, then it is bound to be hit by malicious malwares. Therefore, before downloading and using these applications on your phone, make sure you have tightened the security of the phone by installing free or paid antivirus for Android phone.

Antivirus for Android

Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Kaspersky has also come up with an Android antivirus which will be of great help for securing the important as well as casual data on your phone from hackers. It protects the phone from malwares, spam, virus and such other things that the phone might encounter while the users are surfing the internet.


Avast has been one of the most favorite antivirus programs and now an android version of this antivirus is also present on the internet. Users are going to come across free as well as paid version of this software which they must choose according to their usage and need.

McAfee Antivirus:

The Android antivirus from McAfee comes with multiple functionalities for protecting their phone. The users can customize it according to their need for protecting their phone from hackers.

Dr Web:

Dr Web Anti-virus Light is also a competent application in this genre which provides all the facilities as present in other antivirus. However, this application does not start functioning automatically. The users need to manually perform a scan and thereafter activate the apps to protect the phone from spyware or other viruses.

Avg Antivirus:

Avg has come up with one of the best Android protection application. The users are going to find a free as well as premium version of this software which they can buy at a competitive price, if we compare it with the price of other ant viruses. Along with all the functions that is usually performed by the antivirus, the AVG users also enjoy other incentives like optimization of the battery usage, automatic killing of the unwanted tasks that start in the background and other functions.


Lookout’s antivirus has a free and premium version. Along with the usual functions of the antivirus, it also provides some unique facilities like make a backup copy of your contact list and involuntarily saving of the location of the phone before it runs of battery.


This is an open source antivirus that is extremely competent in performing its task. It provides the users with anti theft facilities as well as real time protection when the users are browsing on the net from it.

NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus:

The free as well as the premium version of this software are present on the internet which the users can use according to their need. Though the open source version of this software will protect the phone from the malicious websites and inform you about the spyware that has automatically got installed in your phone, the premium version comes with additional features like anti theft features and anti eavesdropping facilities.


This antivirus performs real time scanning facilities once it is installed on the phone. The two unique facilities available in this antivirus are the USSD blocking facility as well as the scan scheduling facility.


This android antivirus provides real time protections against viruses, permission checker as well as task manager. Installation of this antivirus helps the users to send encrypted messages. This facility is exclusive to this phone.

Do protect your Android phone with any of these applications, or else your device might not work properly. This is especially true for all the active mobile banking users or those who stores and access sensitive information from their phone.