Apps developers are constantly on the trail of making life easier for Android users. Once you have got comfortable with the operations of your Android device, you would definitely want to transfer your important files, favorite songs, movies and other folders on to this new device so that you can easily access these files and folders on the go. So the next question is how are you going to do it? There are many applications with the aid of which you will be able to transfer data from your PC or other gadgets to your Android tablet by connecting the two devices through wi-fi. Here are some of the best Android apps for transmitting files through wi-fi.



AirDroid is an open source application which can be installed easily in the computer by simply running the set up file. Thereafter, the users need to sign up using primary email or even by using your Google or Facebook id. Through the AirDroid apps you can connect to your PC or other gadgets through wi-fi connection or by accessing it remotely through unique IP address. While file transfer via wi-fi is absolutely free and the users can transfer any amount of data, but transfer through remote access is limited to 500 MB. Music, videos, photos or any other kind of data can be directly transferred to the devices memory and thus making the entire process much faster. AirDroid is powerful utility application which cannot be compared with other apps.

Solid Explorer


Solid Explorer is also a file transferring apps that support the ability to browse files on another local area network. This app will help you to browse the hard disk of the PC with which it is connected through wi-fi. The users can create a FTP connection using Solid Explorer and thereafter click on the file sharing option. Automatically a FTP server connection will be established and the users will be provided with address of the other device for creating a connection. Therefore, this application will help the users to set up a permanent connection with between your PC and Android device and browse file on the other device easily. Solid Explorer is considered one of the best file transferring apps because of its root accessing capability.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another awesome file sharing apps that has a special feature whereby a direct connection can be established between your computer’s hard drive and smartphone. After that the users can access, move, copy or even store files between the two gadgets with ease. After installing this appthe users can manage the files and folders in their PC or laptop directly from their phone and thus making their life much convenient. However, the users need to set up the connection between the phone and PC on their own. But they will be provided with step by step demonstration making the process really easy.


Samba is another good file sharing apps. Users can set up a dedicated server on their phone with the help of this app, but the Android device must be rooted to enjoy all the features of this apps. This application gets installed on its own whenever the Android phone is connected Wi-fi connection. The interface of this app is extremely simple but it has all the features to make to it the best file sharing Android apps.

Wifi File Explorer

Wifi File Explorer is another Android apps with similar capability for transferring files from a PC to an Android tablet or smartphone. However, this is a much light weighted application that does not have as many features as AirDroid. If you are looking for a light application for just experimenting with wifi transfer, then this application is perfect to start with. This application works in the same way as that of the AirDroid but the best part if using it is, you can continue browsing the other apps of your phone or tablet while the data is being transferred automatically on the background.

These are the best android apps for transferring and sharing files. If you are looking for such an app, then consider the apps enlisted in this blog post. Enjoy!!