Android devices are indeed great for everyone. Many people say that the apps and games are meant to waste the important time of students. Therefore, many think that Android is a big enemy of students, and result in poor performance of students. Well, this concept is totally wrong, as Android is very helpful for students in their studies. There are many useful Android apps for students. Have a look at the best education apps for Android.


Everyone knows about this awesome free source of knowledge. The usefulness of this website is even more for students. Installing Wikipedia official Android app helps in easy access of the useful topics and articles of the site. The app comes with search bar in it, which makes it simple for students to search for their desired topic. Moreover, you can zoom in the page with ease, for better reading.

Math Formulary

Whether you are in the academic career, or have passed it, you must agree with the point that the most tough subject is Maths. The formulas of Maths are damn tough to remember. But thanks to this app which converts your Android device into a book of formulas. Formulas of all topics of Maths are covered in this app.


Whenever you read something, you must have deep knowledge of that. Most of the students have the bad habit of cramming the things. If you also have, then it’s better to leave it straight away for your better future. This app can help you for sure in this aspect.

General Knowledge

It has been seen that most of the students don’t tend to read anything out of their syllabus. It is indeed very bad habit as all things are not covered in the books we read. We need to gather a lot of knowledge from our surroundings. In fact, in this competitive world, one must have good General Knowledge. In very competitive exam, a section is given to G.K. questions. If you wish to learn new things, to improve your G.K., then you must download this app on your Android.

Grammar Guide

Perfect writing and English speaking skills come from good knowledge of Grammar. This app can help you in improving your skills. The app can be used to check mistakes in your writings, and then to learn about how to correct them. This is recommended app for all students.