Recently Apple has unveiled its latest operating system iOS 7 which was definitely the highpoint of the WWDC. The launch of this new OS would imply a head to head battle between the two strongest contestants in this genre and thereafter wait and watch which one of these two can survive the cut throat competition.


Here is brief sketch about the highpoints of these two operating systems that will help the readers to get an overview about what’s new in iOS 7 and whether it will be able to give a tough competition to Jelly Bean 4.2.

User Interface

This is the best and by far the most clean and clutter free user interface designed by Apple. The icons of the different applications are absolutely flawless and they have a much more modern appearance in comparison to the other conventional ones. However, the colours of the icons are way to bold and bright. If you have inkling for bold colours, then you will definitely fall in love with the user interface of iOS 7. But in case soft hue attracts you, falling for the UI of iOS 7 will be difficult. In general the design is refreshing but there is not much difference between the previous and the new UI design.

On the contrary, the UI of Android Jelly Bean is much darker is much darker with black background. The text in the applications white in colour and the same bold Roboto font is being used in the interface. Moreover, it has the same trademark HOLO user interface which gives the OS an uber cool look.


Smartphone without multitasking facility is just like any other normal phone. In this quotient, the Android OS used to have an edge over iOS platform. However, in the latest version of iOS, Apple has completed reinvented this feature to make the UI far more smarter, user-friendly and well-organized.

In the previous versions of iOS platform, the users did not have multitasking capability. But in the new platform, many apps can be opened at a single time. Moreover, the multitasking capability of iOS 7 is intelligent it can recognise your favourite apps on the basis of how frequently it is being used and thereafter refresh on its own at particular time so as to provide the users with best experience. Moreover, it constantly monitors the strength of the internet connectivity on your phone, and whenever it is the strongest it refresh the connection automatically. This is one of the most intelligent features of iOS 7 which is truly appreciable. However, we are yet to test these features of the phone in real time.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean also has the same multitasking capability as has been present on the Ice Cream Sandwich. The users will be able to screen the apps that have been opened in the recent times and from that they can directly open it directly by simply sliding it left or right from the preview panel. Therefore, Android owners have the ultimate experience while browsing through the platform.

Home Screen

The home screen of the iOS 7 is absolutely different from the previous version. The users are going to get all the notifications directly on the home screen and access it from there as well. The users will be also able to add their favourite apps directly on the home screen so that they can gain access to it easily.

However, the home screen of the Android platform is much more action-packed. The users can add lock screen widgets which will give them a sneak peek of the latest notifications without unlocking the phone. It will help you to get a quick preview of important apps like clock, message, mail, social networking sites, messages and others which we generally seek for. The users can also add apps, widgets and folders on the home screen to get easy access to them. Thus the users enjoy the privilege of customizing the phone in accordance with their preference. Thus the choices present in front of the users are much more.