In the Mobile Expo Asia 2013, Sony has unveiled its latest smartphone Xperia Z Ultrawhich has created quite a lot of buzz in the recent past. There is no denying the fact that this smartphone looks absolutely stunning and chic, but it is not advisable to just go by the looks of the phone.The features and specifications of this phone will definitely blow you off your wits.This sleek smartphone is run on a superfast Snapdragon 800 processor ensuring that the phone will respond to your instruction at a lightningfast speed. Moreover, it has 6.4 inch display panel with 1080 pixel TFT display.


The capability of the display does not restrict itself to the two above mentioned features, it has another awesome and jaw dropping feature which has created these entirebuzz around this smartphone. The touch screen or display of the Sony Xperia ZU sets this phone apart from all the other phones in this league. The display of the phone has been engineered in such a way that any object like a common pen or pencil can be used as a stylus for writing on the phone.

Sony has not yet raised the curtain behind this unique and paramount technology, but we can keep guessing about the probabilities. A representative from Sony has revealed to us that on the display screen a special type of coating has been used which allows us to use any pen or pencil to act as a stylus. This coating is called probably called the Super Hard Coat ASF. Moreover, this coating also makes the display of this chic smartphone absolutely scratch resistant. So even if you use pencils or pens as makeshift stylus it would not cause any damage to your pricey smartphone.

It would not be wrong to guess that Sony has collaborated with the Swedish company Neonode for launching this technology. Sony has already partnered with Neonode earlier for launching its e-book reader so it would not be wrong be wrong to guess that the two partnered again to launch this cutting edge gadget. Probably, Sony has made use of Neonode’s MultiSensing touch technology for making this hi-tech phone. However, Sony is yet to reveal name of the company who has ushered this technology.

Just in case Neonode is behind the engineers of the smart display of Xperia ZU, then we can confidently say that this technology works by the smart usage optical infared light which has the power to detect or sense any object and recognize the pressure, speed, size, depth as well as the proximity of the surface.

Check out the video below from Mobile Geeks to get a better idea on how the Xperia Z Ultra’s display tech works:

We will be waiting for your review of ZU and whether it gives a tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and Mega.