If you regularly surfs the waves of web, then you must have got the news that Google Reader is going to be shut down on July 1st. If you are one of those rare people who don’t know what Google Reader is, let me clear the air that it is web-based aggregator which is capable of reading Atom and RSS  feeds. This amazing service by search giant Google has been serving the people from a long time. Many people use it to get the content from their favorite websites on a single screen.


Well, it is still unclear that why Google has decided to close Google Reader. Whatever the reason is, the Google Reader users are really sad, and are now searching the waves of web to find alternatives to Google Reader. If you are one of them who use Google Reader on Android via the native app, and are looking for alternative apps for your Android device, then you are on the right place. I am listing here the best Google Reader replacement apps for Android. Do check out the list ahead.


feedly-appsFeedly is the best Google Reader replacement app for Android. Not only the Android, but the web-version is also a very good alternative. Many analysts have given it the tag of ‘best Google alternative’. Since Google has announced about closing Google Reader, many users have switched to Feedly. A report tells that almost half a million Google Reader users have opted for Feedly. The best part about this app is its simple user interface. Being clean and intuitive, the app makes it simple for anyone to read their favorite content. There are plenty of view types to enhance users’ experience. For example, there is a ‘card view’. Those out of you who like to look at pictures, will surely admire this amazing view.


If we talk about the current time, then Taptu is the app that you might have heard about, as it is not very popular. Since the app has got good features in it, so the chances are quite high that this app will touch high sky of popularity once the Google Reader actually gets shut down. The best part about the app is its ‘search’ field that makes it easy for you to add your favorite feed. Just search your website’s name, and you are done. Taptu also suggests you the list of websites that you might like to subscribe to. The feeds can be integrated from Facebook and Twitter as well. It is a great plus point of this Google Replacement app for Android.


This app is already very popular and has got a good user base. Now the popularity graph is following the uptrend. If you have not heard about this name ever, then you might be living under rock which might be far away from any Internet accessibility. This app aggregates fresh articles from the websites that you like, and then push the whole content on a single screen. This app represents the content in magazine style in which the navigation is damn simple. You can add new feeds with ease and can edit the previous ones according to your desire. Apart from the websites, you can also use this app to receive the latest happenings from Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

Google Currents

Don’t believe any one other than Google? If this is so, then this Google built app ‘Google Currents’ might be perfect Google Reader replacement app for your Android. This app displays the content in the magazine style. Yeah, in the same way in which Flipboard does. You can use this app to add new feeds on the go. As of now, the app is not so popular, but sure it will once Google Reader meets the fixed death.

Pulse News

The decision of Google about shutting down the Google Reader is proving to be very good for Pulse News. The app is following the up curve in the users’ count graph. It pulls the content from your favorite websites and then displays them in a simple way so as to keep the navigation simple for you. This app comes with features like reading any article in offline mode, and reading any article in the browser of your Android device. Just swipe horizontally and you will be able to see the titles from the sites, and swipe vertically to see a new source. As simple as a-b-c.

gReader Pro

If you are one of those rare people who would not mind to spend money to get good Google Reader replacement app for Android, the gReader Pro is waiting for you. It lets you read the latest articles coming from your favorite websites. You can read the articles in offline mode as well. Text-to-Speech, Night Mode, variety of Themes, Full Screen Mode, Secure Connection and Share articles on Facebook, Twitter etc. are some best features of this app.

Image : Androidauthority