T-Mobile announced the availability of white Nexus 4 for limited time period. As we know LG announced the white version of Nexus 4 this week and debuted in Hong Kong on the 29th.


If you are looking for white version of Nexus 4 with T-Mobile then your wait is over. Now you can order White version Nexus 4 directly via T-Mobile official website. The device is available for $19.99 cash payment and 24 monthly payments of $17 means you have to pay total $427.99 for 16 GB version of the device. It is looking costly as we know the device available on Google Play store for $299 and $349 for 8 GB and 16 GB model respectively.

As we mention earlier, T-Mobile offer white nexus 4 only for limited time period, so we do not know how long T-Mobile will offering this smartphone.

It is only a new color version of Nexus 4 all software and hardware are remain same as old black version Nexus 4.  Are you looking to buy the T-Mobile white version of Nexus 4?