Are you Pre-order your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4? If you do not give Pre-order till now then you have to with ti April 27. According to Sprint website, The Samsung galaxy S4 pre-order is sold out. But also mention that you can get starting April 27 for $249.99.

samsung galaxy s4 regous

As we know that Sprint is offered  an additional $100 saving on Samsung Galaxy s4 for  New Customers, who move to Sprint with their number, means Sprint SG4 is availabe for $149.99.

We have a good news as well, if you want Sprint Samsung galaxy S4 and do not want to wait till April 27, Amazon Wireless is here for you. Amazon Wireless has Samsung galaxy S4 starting at $149.99 with two year Sprint plan and delivered on April 27 and this pricing for 16 GB quad core version of Samsung Galaxy S4 and availabe in two white and Black Colors.

So are you want to wait till April 27 for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 or you give pre-order on Amazon Wireless? Are you going to give Pre-order on other wireless carriers? Lets us know via comment.