Are you looking for a sleek, smart, light weight and reasonably priced android tablet? Though the android market is going to offer you with a large number of options but getting this particular combination will be quite difficult. However, Spice’s new Stellar Pad Mi subscribes to all the qualities mentioned above. It is the most affordable tablet that has all the modern features.


This tablet has an integrated 1.5 GHz dual core processor along with a quad core GPU. The advanced processor guarantees that the tablet is extremely responsive and supports multitasking. You can open up many windows on the website and all of them will respond with equal speed, none of them will show the ‘not responding’ indication. The Quad Core graphics ensures that graphics output of the device is qualitative superior. The advanced processors are supported with 1GB RAM to ensure quick delivery.


This tablet is provided with an internal storage capacity of 16 GB, three –fourth of which is available to the users. However, the users also have the option of expanding the memory up to 64GB with the aid of Micro SD card. So download as many as useful apps as you need and watch as many as movies you want to see on it.


The Spice Stellar Pad Mi can be connected to the internet in a number of ways like via Wifi, 3G dongles and Bluetooth connections. However, one of the negative points of this tablet is the absence of any phone SIM slot in this tablet.

The battery backup of this tablet is quite good. This device is provided with a 7600 mAh battery which ensures long usage even when the gadget is connected to the internet via 3G dongle.

The Stellar tablet is provided with dual camera. The 3 megapixel camera on the rear side of the tablet clicks good quality pictures and the front one which is primarily used for video chatting is below expectation level. However, the users will be able to clearly see the pictures of the others on it.

This widget is provided with the latest Android OS i.e. Jelly Bean so the users are going to enjoy the user-friendly interface of this OS. Many popular applications are already installed in it like Gmail, YouTube, Google maps, Google Talk and many others. So the users can start using instantaneously. In this tablet multiple home screens can be used at a single time. This feature ensures that many apps can be used at a single time.

This device is not only sleek but it is also extremely neatly designed. All the buttons are present on the top of the device, whereas all the connection ports are located on one side of it. The LCD display of the tablet is about 10.1 inch and is provided with capacitive touch screen. The back side of the tablet is silver in color and has the symbol of the brand engraved on it.

If you are looking for a budget friendly tablet with most, if not all the features that you get in the high end device, then Spice is Stellar Pad Mi is the best option present available to the buyers. So many features at only 13,000 INR is worth giving it a try.