Sprint has cancel its launch date of April 27 due to “unexpected inventory challenges” while T-Mobile announced online order are delay until April 29, what the reason behind the delay of Samsung Galaxy S4 release in US? Samsung said Wednesday that due to Overwhelming global demand may limit initial supplies of the Galaxy S4.

Due to overwhelming global demand of Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks.

The Verizon and AT&T carriers are unaffected with this delay of Samsung Galaxy S4. Verizon wireless said its Galaxy S4 will available on May 30 for 4199.99 with two year contract. The AT& wireless said it id “on track” for launch of the SG4 in the stores on Saturday.


HTC One is already available in U.S. from multiple carriers and retailers and also offer unlocked and developer version. This delay will be effect the sell Galaxy S4 in US. As we know that Samsung expecting to sell more than 10 millions Galaxy S4 units in the first month.

The Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 features 4.99 inch capacitive touch screen display with 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 13 MP rear facing camea, set to release on seven US carriers by  end of May.