The mobile technology has been growing at a rapid rate. The folks from the Apple Conspiacy has created concept render of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The concept design of Galaxy S6 is indicating where they like to see Galaxy line in future. The concept design do not show any specification of Galaxy S6 , but they hoping that Samsung make innovation something more than a marketing term.

The Galaxy S series device has seen the screen size slowly increasing with each new model. The concept design which is developed by Uva 7 Dance is suggesting that in 2015 the Samsung Galaxy S6 will has 6 inch super AMOLED touch screen display. The body of the device will made of plastic unibody with a new protective nano coating called hyperskin, “a plastic you won’t be mad about”.

The devices will be run on Android 6.0 with GravityUX on top. The camera section of the concept design is looks similar to recently leaked Nokia EOS. The camera has a 33 MP sensor paired with a Xenon flash. Apart from this the device will has 8 MP front facing camera, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of internal memory along with 6 GB of RAM.

Check out the concept design of Samsung Galaxy S6.






galaxy_s6_11 galaxy_s6_11


Via : Samsung S5 Update