As the end of this year nears, there is lot of expectations in the field of technology in next year. Smartphones are important part of the ongoing tech ventures in the world; every smartphone company is trying hard to come up with new and better technology with every new release in the market of smartphones. Though, the biggest and most amazing features are available only in the most expensive phones of a company such as HTC one, Apple 5S, Samsung S4 and Sony Xperia Z1.


Nowadays, many of us are wondering about the new upcoming release from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be a sequel to Samsung Galaxy S4. After the release of top tech smartphones by Apple and HTC, it will be the new feature in the market of high tech smartphones. Today we will be telling you about everything we have about the Camera in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Though, no official confirmations have been made till now, but this is the most accurate information we have till now.

Actually, there are two rumors that have been circling all around, the first one was that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be featuring a 16 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera and the latest one is that Samsung will equip this smartphone with a 20MP camera. According to ET news, a Korean site, one of the Samsung`s division has started working on a project which is specifically to start developing a 20 MP camera sensor from 1st of December 2013. But the chances of including this sensor in Galaxy S5 may be very little as the technology to embed it with optical image stabilization is not yet ready. So it may take up to an year to fully develop this sensor, which makes it difficult to include it in the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Thus, most probably the Galaxy S5 will be having 16 MP Camera with autofocus actuators. It will include all the other features such as face detection, geo tagging, in-built scenes, anti shake image stabilization, higher brightness etc. It will be an ultimate full packed feature camera with an LED flash. Samsung has been working for a long time to improve the camera quality, and the change will be distinctly seen in the all new Samsung Galaxy S5. It will surely be one of the best smartphone with an incredible quality of camera that will let you to preserve all your memories in highest quality.


  1. It is really amazing to know that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to feature a 16 MP camera which is the most advanced technology as there is no smartphone in the market so far. Also the clarity given is wit h the LED flash make it more unique and the best reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Also good to know that they have already started to work on 20 MP, hope this would come soon in Samsung Galaxy S6 version by next year.