Good news for Switzerland, are you love Galaxy S4 and want to buy that without investing any amount. Here we have good news for you. You may be able win Samsung Galaxy S4 by staring at it’s gorgeous screen for one hour. Samsung and telecommunications provider swisscom hosted an “All eyes on the S4” contest at a Swiss train station that required contestants to stare at a Galaxy S4 for an hour.


So are you ready to take the challenge? But do not dare to cheat; Cheating is impossible, Samsung Galaxy S4 smart stay features will be used to monitor the competition. This features  of Galaxy S4 keeps the screen on as long as the user is looking the at the screen.  the competition’s organizer have set up a number of distractions including obnoxious actors, motorcycles revving engines and burning rubber and many more.

There are three more challenges coming up in Lucerne, Schwanenplatz on May 28, Berne, Waisenhausplatz on May 29, and Lausanne Place de l’Europe, on May 30. Follow the below link for registration and check the video after break.

Source: All Eyes on S4