If you like watching videos over the internet, then you probably know Netflix, Hulu and similar streaming media stations. Such channels offer a vast variety of movies, series and shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards, South Park, Family Guy and many more. Unfortunately, those types of channels are only available mostly in USA and if you try to visit them from another country you will came across to messages such us “Sorry, the current video is available only in USA”. That happens because some countries and streaming media stations have geo-blocking policies.


VPN is not enough

VPN is a common way to come around the geo-block but it’s not enough. What VPN services do is that they will route all your traffic through their servers to make you appear like you are from USA, UK or other countries. Unfortunately, routing all your traffic to third party servers is VPN’s biggest drawback regarding streaming online content simply because VPN’s servers act like a “middle-mad” and they intercept all your connection and as a result, your internet connection becomes slower.

Introducing UnoDNS

Despites using a VPN service, you can come around the geo-block by using a DNS service. By changing your DNS instead of using VPN’s, you will have access to blocked stations such us Netflix with absolutely zero speed loss. That’s because a DNS service will only route a small amount of your internet connection just to make Netflix or other channels into thinking that you are in the right region to access them leaving the rest of your internet traffic untouchable.

  There are plenty of DNS services available to use, free and paid. We use and recommend UnoDNS from UnoTelly. UnoDNS is a paid service but the cost of it is lower than its competitors ($5 / month). Furthermore, UnoDNS supports more international streaming media stations that its competitors with a total of more than 70 geo-blocked channels. You can see their channels list here. Lastly, UnoDNS comes with a bonus VPN service that will let you download the channels Apps on your Android from the US/UK Google Play store.


How to setup and use UnoDNS on your Android device

Step 1: Take a free trial of UnoDNS . Yes, UnoDNS is free for 8 days so that you can test it.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi on your Android device.

Step 3: Press and hold on your current Wi-Fi connection, until a pop window appears.

Step 4: Press on “modify network” and then on “show advanced options”

Step 5: Press on the “IP settings” and change it to “Static”. Then scroll down and add in UnoDNS DNS to “DNS 1” and “DNS 2”. Click here to find UnoDNS’ DNS server addresses. Use the two closest DNS to your physical location for better performance.

Step 6: Visit unotelly and check if you see the “UnoDNS setup and account are active” message. If you see this message, it means that UnoDNS is correctly setup on your device. You are done! You can now enjoy the freedom of accessing Netflix and a major number or other streaming media stations.


To download the channels apps from Google Play store, you must use UnoTelly’s UnoVPN service. UnoVPN comes free with an UnoDNS Gold subscription. You can find instructions on how to download Apps from the UK/US Google Play store here .