Video games based on themes of famous movies and its star characters have become extremely popular among the movie fans, specially after the release of Harry Potter video games. One of the latest additions in this genre is Despicable Me: Minor Rush which has definitely stole the heart of millions of Despicable Rush fans. Most such movie tied games are launched these days with the sole intention of promoting a film before releasing so that it can get a better response. However, this game was not introduced with any such intentions as the game was released after the launch of the movie and the sequence of the game has hardly any familiarity with movie or its characters.

This game is about the fight of the minions to get the Minion of the Year trophy. Thus the theme of this game is quite similar to the famous Android game Temple Run which is a favourite pastime of video game lovers of different age groups. Though there are endless numbers of runner games in the Google Play Store, yet Minion Rush has become quite popular among the game lovers because there are millions of fans of the cute little minions in all over the world. The players need to guide the minions running in the laboratory so that they successfully overcome all the hurdles that come in their way to win the trophy. The players will have to control the minions and let it jump, fly, slide down in accordance with the obstacle set by the villain Gru in his laboratory.

Despicable Me Minor Rush  Android App

The Despicable Me fans are definitely going to have a thrilling experience while playing different levels of this game. The voice of the minions perfectly match with original voice in the movie and thus playing this game on your Android device will be a different experience altogether. Moreover, while venturing round the different hurdles in Gru’s laboratory, the minions react aptly making the gaming experience all the more thrilling. The graphics of the game is clean, clutter free and absolutely amazing and that’s what makes this game a bit different in spite of being a typical runner game.

This game is available for free download in Google Play Store. No add ons are required to enjoy the games at the fullest capability. This free runner game is definitely worth giving a try.


  1. Just downloaded the beach stage today and it’s awesomely cool and funny.

    There are new costumes too where Minions could be seen in their beach attire.

    If you need tokens but don’t want to spend cash, I suggest completing achievements and unlocking codes for bonuses: