Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely to be the next generation of innovation in the Smartphone industry. Consumers across the globe are eagerly waiting for its release. Smartphone and technology fans are fanatical about this device and its features. Expectations of technology fans is that the device will have improved the bulky designs of S4 and carry more advanced utilities. As seen with the predecessors of Samsung devices, S5 is expected to have a different feel from that of S4.


Different physical perspectives

Consumers did not feel much difference between S3 and S4. This is because the two products did not have much difference in terms of their physical perspectives. This caused a huge market reaction. As such, it is expected that this technology giant will present something that is more innovative. S5 is likely to take consumers back to basics. Among the most important aspects that consumers expect to see a difference in Samsung Galaxy S5 are how the cover feels and the display.

Expected release date of Samsung S5

Although the release of this device has not been announced, the launch date might be the anniversary of the release of Samsung Galaxy S4. It is more likely that this device will be launched at almost the same time when Galaxy S4 was launched.

This implies that this device is likely to be released on March 2014. However, there is a possibility of this device being revealed earlier. A MWC show scheduled for February this year in Barcelona could be the event where the device will be revealed. In the past, Samsung has used its events to launch its new devices. However, this year it is rumored that the company might use the MWC as the platform for launching S5,

In an interview, Dong-hoon Chang who is the head of Samsung’s design strategy seemed to confirm that the company is due to launch Galaxy S5 in February at the MWC show. In another interview, Lee Young Hee, who is the executive vice president of Samsung, told Bloomberg that Galaxy S5 will be released by April. He also added that this device will have more advanced utilities as compared to its predecessors. He said that consumers can expect a different feel and changes that the previous designs did not have.

From the comments of the two employees of Samsung, it is apparent that consumers do not have a long duration to wait for this device to be unveiled.  The release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to be around in March or April.