The first third party Reddit apps for Google Glass are rolled out. This Reddit app is developed by Glass Explorer Malcolm Nguyen and goes b Name Reddit Timeline.

Reddit Timeline app for Google glass

What you can go with Reddit Timeline and whit will be the features of this app? With this app you can see top 25 stories posted on Reddit are shown in brief. The Google Glass user is able to see these posts in text form and with image previews. You can do comments, up Votes and down votes with is Reddit Timeline app as well as you can share story directly to Reddit. this apps refresh Reddit front page every hour

If you are not able to read comment on Google Glass tiny screen, than this apps allow you to read comments aloud. As we know Google Glass is able to stay powered up for 3.5 hours on average. So we will have to wait for Google update or stay close to wall charger. Anyway if you want to give a try to this Reddit Timeline app here is the link.

Till now, few apps is available for Google Glass including Fullscreen BEAM, NY TIME apps, many apps will coming in near future for Glass.

via Mashable