RCA Mobile TV Android Tablet DDA850R is one of the latest innovations in the range of mobile TV tablet. This wireless 8 inch digital TV will directly receive signals from the satellite and thereafter provide the viewers with an uninterrupted experience. This latest gadget will be released in the CES 2013 which is going to be hosted in Las Vegas. This gadget works with the Dyle mobile TV network and the viewers can watch live show while they are traveling.


Specifications of RCA Mobile Digital TV:

With the introduction of RCA mobile TV the outlook of the common people is going to change altogether. The concept of tablet which was previous only associated with computing devices will now be allied with television as well. In RCA the viewers can tune in about 130 channels and watch the live shows without paying any extra money. This device operates on Android OS and has 1 GB RAM. The 8 inch high definition screen of RCA has 1024 x 768 pixels. It also has a dual camera, GPS connectivity and micro SD and USB port. Moreover it is also Wifi enabled so that users can easily connect with the internet. The investors will be also offered 10 hrs free internet connectivity on the purchase of this product. RCA is also integrated with antennas so that the mobile TV as well as the standard broadcast can be accessed by the users. Moreover, two speakers are also present on the TV so that the users can watch and listen to it clearly. Though this device looks small but it has plenty of functions to allure clients to purchase it. The best part is: it also offers long battery life of about four hours.

Price of the RCA Mobile TV Android Tablet DDA850R:

The introductory price of this ingenious product is about 299$. If we consider the large number of features that are available on this device, then the price is justifiable. It is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy watching TV on the go. Moreover this product weighs only about one and half pound so the television addicts can carry it easily along with them and there will be no chance of missing any shows.

Apart from that the users can also easily browse the internet from the Google browser and play unlimited amount of mobile games from RCA. Though this product will be released in CES 2013 the dates from which it will be available in the market is not yet confirmed. Check the later posts to know the dates.