If you are an Android user, and have been that for quite some time, then one thing that you must be agree with is- Android gadgets are quite like computers. All thanks to the incredible combination of hardware and software that you get in Android. While there are many features of Android, that you might be using for quite some time, but there are many that are quite useful, but you are still not aware from them. One out of such features is printing from your Android phone or tablet. I bet that most out of you have come to know about this just now only. All thanks to Cloud Printing technology which makes it possible for us to print from our Android phone or tablet.

Printing from Android phone or tablet is quite interesting and useful at the same time. You are most likely to be interested in knowing about the procedure on how to do so, right? So, just keep reading this article as I will be explaining you how to print from your Android phone or tablet.

Connect your Classic Printer to Google Cloud Print


Most of printers getting launched nowadays come with the technology to let you print via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. But if unfortunately, you don’t have such printer, then the best choice left is Google Cloud Print. It is service by Google that let you share your printer over cloud. The best thing about this service is that it works with many printers. If you have Cloud Ready printer, then this is extra boon for you.

For the Google Cloud Print, all you need to have is Google Chrome browser installed on your PC. Windows XP or higher is also required. If you fulfill both these requirements, then just dive into the steps to connect your classic printer to Google Cloud Print.

  •  Launch Google Chrome browser and head over to its settings section. You can do so by clicking the Menu button at the top right side and then clicking ‘settings from it.
  •  In the settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  •  There you will see Google Cloud Print option. There look for ‘Add Printers’ option and click on it.
  • The next page will ask you to login to your Google Account. Do it!
  • You will be welcomed with the message – This will register the printer that is connected to the computer. Confirm your selection so as to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print.

Printing from your Android Phone or Tablet

  • You are done with the initial setup. To start with this particular section, the first thing to be done is to install Google’s Cloud Print app on your Android phone or tablet. You can download the app from here.
  • Run the app and login to your Google Account. Yeah, it must be the same account which you use while adding printer in Google Chrome.
  • Just tap on the ‘Printer’ icon. It will allow you to select the file that you wish to print. Select any of your choice.
  • Done with selecting file? You will be now taken to the page which will show all the printers added in your Google Account. The one that you just added by following the above section, will appear here only. Select it!
  • Just like normal printing process, a print preview giving you idea of what your printed page will look like, will come. Just take a look at it, and make the necessary changes as per your desires.
  • Now tap on paper plane icon. It will send your selected file data to Google Cloud Print, which will send the command to your printer, and as a result, you will get your document printed. Simple!

Process to Print Web Pages

With the above section, you can print files that are in your Android phone or tablet, in your Dropbox account, and in your Google Drive account. But,this is not end. You can print web pages as well. For this, all you need to do is to select the ‘Share’ option from the Android Menu. This will bring up the options, which include Google Cloud Print as well. In the same way, you can print your Gmail messages as well.

Third-party Printing Apps

If you don’t want to use Google’s Cloud Print app on your Android phone or tablet for cloud printing purpose, due to one reason or other, then you should proceed with the third-party printing apps. There are many such apps available in Google Play. A quick search in Google Play can give you proper idea about third-party printing apps. PrinterShare Mobile Print is one very popular app for this purpose. Though this app is good in features, but I would still recommend you to use the Google’s official Cloud Print app only. The rest is your choice!

Your Turn

I hope you have read out this article completely. Now it’s your turn to implement this process. Do it and let us know what is outcome. If need any help, then just comment your query in the below comment box.