Key Lime Pie's
Key Lime Pie's Release

There’s no indication that rumors on Android 5.0 will ever stop. Two areas have systematically been topping the list of rumors; one is the release date of the new version and the other is the possible features of Android 5.0. In this article, we’ll give a look at both.


Albeit there’s no concensus among industry sources regarding the date of release, chances are high that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be announced in Google’s I/O conference. The conference will be held on May 15 of this year. In 2012, Google Nexus 7 Tablet was announced from Google’s I/O conference, which is why, everyone is expecting Google to unveil something big in this year’s I/O and at this moment, in the family of Google’s products, ‘something big’ refers to Android 5.0.

As for the Key Lime Pie features, no lowdown is available at this moment but experts are looking forward to see the following features on the OS;

 Custom profiles – Android users have been complaining that in order to set the phone in a particular mode, they have to do a lot of boxing and unboxing. An easy way to set custom profiles will ease those users. This is one of the major expectations from Android 5.0.

 Social app integration – There’s no scarcity of social apps on Google Play. Android users can comfortably download those apps. However, the OS itself isn’t connected with any social application. Android 5.0 can fill up this lacuna. In early 2012, Google introduced Google+ integrated searching that combined searching and social media. Google might do the same with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie this time. Google+ is a strong contender.

 Integrated File Manager – If you are Android user or at least familiar with tech roundups, you should be knowing about ASTRO File Manager, FileGo, Ghost Commander, AirDroid and other apps. All these apps function as third party file manager. Lack of integrated file management application is annoying for many Android user. Industry sources are expecting Google to pay heed to this problem and introduce an integrated file manager with the OS.

Video – I am impressed with mVideoPlayer HD and so are many Android users. However, the existing versions of Android such as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Android 4.2 are accountable for supporting third party video playing apps. Android 5.0 is assumed to have built-in video app.

It’s not clear at this moment whether Key Lime Pie will indeed have these features, which everyone is anticipating. The same thing applies to the release date rumor. However, there is no harm in expecting. The whole industry is expecting and so are we.