Good news for Android smartphone owner, who want to visit Japan, A new App Photo Japan Guide for Android has been release in 134 countries worldwide including United States, Canada, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries. Photo Japan Guide Android App is developed by Zenrin DataCom and NTT DOCOMO and is free to download from Google Plat store. Till 30th April, you enjoy every function of this app for free.

photo Japan guide app

The photo Japan guide app is ultimate Japan travel app. It is English version of docomo map navi’s Gotouchi guide. This app offers several sightseeing spots, insights about places, local food information, maps, slideshow of several places and lots more. This app runs on android 4.1 and above. This apps give the detail of 15000 Japan’s sightseeing spots.

Features of Photo Japan Guide Android App

  • Photo Slideshow / Pictures of Sightseeing spots with photos of recommended sightseeing spots along with details of pictures
  • Set which genres to display on the map and drill-down search by genre.
  • Local Spot Search offers details of approximately 15,000 sightseeing spots.
  • Offers continuous GPS positioning anywhere in Japan.
  • Area Guide offers local information on each area separately including details about locations, information and attractions in each area such as sightseeing spots or local foods.
  • Check the next spot that you plan to visit by scrolling on the map or selecting the area from the “area” menu for an enlarged map.

Download link of Photo Japan Guide App

You can download Photo Japan Guide App from Google Play Store for Free. Here is the download link of this app.

Photo Japan Guide App