NVIDIA is launch a new technology – DirectStylus- for Tegra 4 based tablet. As we know stylus powered devices have become obsolete. NVIDI is trying to revive the popularity of styluses with their new technology DirectStylus. DirectStylus is used a fine-tip passive stylus be used to draw lines of different width simply by varying the pressure applied by the user.


The DirectStylus works by using NVIDIA’s Direct touch 2.0 software that comes with the tablets that supports up to 300 snaps a second which is five times typical 60 HZ touch scan rate, to display detailed movement of the stylus. NVIDIA claims that this technology can easily distinguish between fingers and styli of different “weights,” allowing for more accurate and variable digital pen strokes. With direct touch 2.0 technology NVIDIA also use image – processing capabilities of the Tegra 4 GPU to detect the difference between your stylus, finger, eraser or palm. The result is thin, passive, presser sensitive stylus that can be draw different widths. NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang showed off the DirectStylus technology by writing his name in Chinese.

The new Technology is targeted to Asian market because there characters are drawn with different widths and lengths.

Singapore Hardware Zone make a video showing the action of Hsun Huang action in computex. Check out the video after the break.