Last night in the Google I/O as the launch of the latest iteration of Android was done i.e. Android L everyone knew this was a product that could make iOS hide. The new Android L was demoed by Sundar Pichai and as everyone looked away at him and his Moto 360 android wearable watch he was busy extolling the virtues of the latest version of Android.
What was most interesting about this event was that the whole focus was on showcasing their own product rather than trying to outsmart the competition as was done by Tim cook of Apple in the WWDC keynote.


The three major categories in which the changes could be classified are :


The latest version of Android i.e. Android L has latest speed improvements and apart from that Google has implemented Project Volt this time just like Project Butter was implemented for making the Android platform more easy to use, the project Volt focuses on improving the battery life of Android phones. The whole performance of the Android platform has been boosted by more robust and battery efficient code.
As Google itself has stated that this is one of the biggest changes to Android since its inception and Android L truly lives up to all its hype!

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The latest version of Android is more secure in overall terms. This is because most of the stuff which made Android vulnerable earlier has now been removed or holes have been patched. But as happens with every new release some new vulnerability will soon pop it’s ugly head up, only time can tell what happens in this regards.


Google has introduced Material Design for the Android platform which means that the design elements would mimic real world objects and the trend seems to go towards flat design. The material design itself looks like Google’s take on Flat design. The new dialler and the contacts page are all integrated with each other which makes the whole experience of calling a person worthwhile and unified.
Notifications have been merged with the lock screen. The notifications now show up on the lock screen too. The whole look and feel of the notifications system of Android has also been changed. Notifications can now also be accessed through pop ups along with the traditional scroll down mechanism.
The keyboard user interface has been overhauled. The camera has received a burst mode and other major updates have also been introduced.

Now concerning the iOS platform we can consider that they have now been left behind by the staggering amount of innovation that the Android platform has witnessed. iOS 8 is bringing with it changes that Android already had since Jellybean. The real innovation is now missing in the Apple side of the game. Only time can tell what will happen in the near future. But with this solid release of Android we can be assured that iOS won’t stay around for long if it doesn’t innovate quickly. The death trumpet has been sounded.
THIS IS WAR. Let the fan boys come, droids are ready!

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