The rumors about any upcoming smartphone has become a common thing to see nowadays. And when the upcoming device is coming from big names like Google, Motorola, then the rumors’ world is most likely to get flooded. This is what is happening in case of Moto X Phone, which has been in the rumors for quite some time now. We have seen many news about this smartphone so far. Are you confused by a big no. of rumors about the Moto X Phone, hitting every new day? Well, it’s not only you, all the tech analysts are confused, too. This phone was confirmed at D11 event. But as far as its features are confirmed, we only have rumors about them. Here is the round of Moto X Phone Rumors. Do read out the article ahead to know what we all know about this upcoming smartphone so far.


Design and Customization 

There are many rumors that suggest that users of Moto X Phone will be able to customize their smartphone to certain degree. The source of these rumors is unknown. If you are excited about it, then wait! All these rumors are surely not going to be true. There will be only basic customization like in case, materials, wallpapers etc. There are many rumors that suggest that Moto X Phone will be available in the market in more than one color. Most of such rumors claim that this upcoming smartphone will be available in more than 20 colors.

Users will be able to customize the preloaded apps and wallpapers through the website. Yeah, somewhat similar to what HTC provides to its HTC One X+ and HTC One users. As per the ABC News, users will be able to “select from a palette of different colors”. The report of ABC News even suggests that users will have the option to get their custom message printed on the back of their Moto X Phone. If this actually happens, then this will be something very unique in this upcoming smartphone. Yeah, it will be admire by majority of buyers.

ABC News has even reported that carriers will not get the customized handsets, but the standard ones only. So, in case you would like to buy customized Moto X Phone, you will have to buy it from Motorola directly.

Specs and Features 

As per the multiple rumors, we get the idea that Moto X Phone will be having good hardware features in it. But sadly, since this is era of very high-end devices, so the features of Moto X Phone might not help it stand in the list of high-end smartphones. Come on, the expectations of people have changed, the criteria of tagging any smartphone as ‘high-end’ smartphone has changed, too!

As far as the the specs of this upcoming smartphone are concerned, it will be having display with  720p resolution. It will be powered by 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, which is quite good, but again, not that good to make it stand against the beasts like Galaxy S4. Other rumored features of this smartphone are : 10MP Primary Camera, 2MP Secondary Camera, 16GB Storage, 2GB RAM. The operating system will be Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

There have been many rumors about the screen size of this smartphone. The early rumors suggested the 5-inch screen size. But chances of happening so are very low. So, expect 4.7-inch screen in the Moto X Phone.

The thing that will make this phone stand out of the crowd, is its software part. Google will be blessing it with many incredible features along with basic Android 4.2 features. As per Wimberly, standalone language processing chip is what will be a part of Moto X Phone.

ABC News report suggest us that there will be advanced voice recognition technology in the Moto X Phone. This upcoming smartphone will be smart enough to enable speakerphone itself whenever you will be driving.

Release Date and Price

After confirming the smartphone, it was confirmed that this smartphone will be made available in the market in this summers. The date, as per suggested by purported ad campaign, is August 1. The month of July is going on, and there are no talks about the launch of this smartphone. So, it does not seem that this smartphone will actually hit on August 1. As per Wimberly, Moto X Phone will hit the USA smartphone market at anytime in the next month. It will hit the other countries in the fourth quarter of current year.

As per the rumors about pricing of smartphone, it will be an affordable handset. The price will most likely be $299 for unlocked set. There are talks that Moto X Phone will not be available directly from Motorola, but also from major network carriers that are : Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular. Yeah, it may miss Verizon store.

Sum Up

If we sum up all rumors that we have seen till now, this smartphone, the Motorola Moto X Phone, is surely going to catch attention of many. But it’s suggested to take all these rumors with a pinch of salt. More rumors are yet in the pipeline. We’ll be covering them all. Please stay tuned with us!