Many of us fail to manage our time efficiently and thus end up working late hours and waking up all groggy and muzzy the next morning.  Thanks to the advancement in technology, many applications have been developed by the tech geeks which can aid us to manage the twenty four hours allotted to us efficiently and live a balanced life. After rummaging through Google Play, we have handpicked five best Android apps that are certainly going to help you in managing our time efficiently.

Time Recording


In the virtual store you are going to get a large variety of time managing apps, but ‘Time Recording’ is definitely one of the most dynamic and robust among these and thus explaining its popularity in comparison to the other apps in the market. This application best suited for the self-employed individuals who work at odd hours of the day. They can easily create a project, sign in and out to keep track of the time required for completing a project and thus help in meeting with the preset deadline.


Lecture Notes


Lecture Notes is an application of Google Play. Once you turn it on, it acts as a notebook and aid in noting down all the keypoints. Whether you are in a classroom or attaining a board meeting, turn on Lecture Note and update your notes using it. However, you would need a stylus for taking notes on Lecture Notes, so your phone must have that feature to make the best use of Lecture Notes.


Juice Defender   


A dead phone without any battery in it is the last thing on earth that we would desire for. Two or three decades back none of us knew the utility of mobile phone in our life. But in the course of two or three decades we have simply got addicted to our phone and cannot even think of living a minute without our phone. Juice Defender helps in squeezing out as much as battery as possible from our phone’s battery so that it does not drop dead till the time you have got hold of the charger. So installing this app on your Android phone is a must.


 Root Explorer


Keeping track of the old files and folders in your Android device can be really difficult and time consuming as well. Root Explorer helps in keeping track of all your files and folders and get access to them easily. Though this is particularly meant for users whose devices are rooted, but other users can also use it for zipping or extracting zipped files and for performing other functions.


Kingsoft Office


For supporting office documents on your Android device, you would need an app. In Google Play you are going to come across many such apps but all of them come at a high price. Kingsoft Office is a free application which supports three application of Microsoft Office i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Kingsoft Office comes with a lot of innovative options that will certainly enhance your Android experience.


Productivity is a word that has a relative meaning. Thereforea productiveapp that proves to be extremely time efficient for you, might not be so for me. So post us your favorite productive Android apps so that we can share it with our other loyal readers.