The Canadian Wireless Koodo has lowest Samsung galaxy S4 price at the moment  The price of Koodo Samsung Galaxy S4 is $625 CAD. And company offer only Black Mist color device.


As we know, Telus offers Samsung galaxy S4 off-contract device for $700 CAD whereas Bell and Rogers selling Galaxy S4 off-contarct for $699.95.

The Koodo has listed Galaxy S4 with”coming Soon” tags, so you do not able to pre-order right now. Samsung Galaxy S4 willl officail availability date in canada of April 27, But Samsung says that due to high demand limited number of SG4 is available at the time launch. Which also affecting canadain availability of galaxy S4.

Are you going to buy Galaxy S4? Which carriers S4 you buy ? will you take advantage of koodo’s offer?