One after another reports on S5 are coming. Per those reports, S5 will hit the stores in late first quarter or early second quarter of this year, which means we can expect the device by late March or early April. As the release date is reportedly nearing, all eyes are fixed on the Mobile World Congress, scheduled to hold in February in which S5 is likely to be unveiled. At the same time, there are scores of reports (leaked and rumored) on the possible specs.


S5 mayrelease in two variations; metal and plastic. The plastic version will costless than the metal version. The phone will offer enhanced user interface through its improved TouchWiz UI. Another interesting feature will be the AMOLED display with 2K resolution and low temperature poly-silicon technology. 3GB RAM to ensure better memory is also to be added into the list of the key reasons to buy the phone.

Albeit the above features are interesting enough, they are nothing if we consider the most talked aboutones, some of which could even redefine Samsung’s product lineup. Let’s give a look at these possible specs;

Enhanced Air Gesture

Synaptics, a leader in touchscreen technology is reportedly working on S5’s air gesture control feature. Galaxy S4 offers both air View and air Gesture, but the hover recognition range is limited. Synaptics is said to work on increasing the range in S5 so that a user’s hand movements could be detected even when the hand is at a considerable distance from the screen. This is amazing. A lot of users will buy the phone just to avail this feature. Browsing through the menus by in air-swiping will surely heighten the appeal of the S5.

Rapid Charging Battery

It was claimed by Phonearena that they received tips that suggest S5 will have 2900 mAh battery. It apparently seems as a slight increase in battery capacity comparing to S4 as S4’s battery life is 2600 mAh. But the battery in S5 will be completely different from that in S4 as it will sport a Li-ion battery and offer rapid charging facility. The advantage of Li-ion battery is efficient energy storage. It could save almost 20% more energy. The rapid charging facility on the other hand reduces the time that it takes to charge the battery, which means S5 users could charge their phone in less time and use it for longer.

Iris and Fingerprint Scanner

The Iris recognition technology was a top notch feature in Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Reports indicate Samsung may add the Iris scanner in S5. Just like the Iris scanner, fingerprint scanner is also a possible feature in S5. If Galaxy S5 indeed launches with these features, it will no doubt be a huge hit.

The Headtracking Technology

As per Sammobile’s report, S5 will have the Heradtracking feature. It will be a gesture-based feature like air gesture and functions will be carried out when a user will nod his head or wink his eyes. If the user moves his head to a particular direction the browser will go back to the last webpage. There will be other functions based on other movements of the head and the eyes.

It will be very interesting if the feature is really found in S5, but as only a handful of sources are backing this rumor, many regard Headtracking to be a hit-and-miss feature. However, the claim that Samsung is working on to add to its devices a next generation eye-scanning technology has some truth.

It seems we have no other way than to wait for next few months to see what types of features S5 brings around. Samsung’s condition in the market is not so bright in the present. Lack of growth, lack of innovation and lack of hype around its flagship products are what the South Korean tech company has been experiencing lately.

Gaining back the erstwhile position in the industry is seriously a challenge for the company. The upcoming S5 may help Samsung win the challenge. With S5, Samsung will definitely try to regain its hard-earned esteem that it is on the verge of losing.