Samsung Galaxy and HTC One will release in USA this week. The LG Otimus G Pro will make its U.S. Introduction on May 1st at a media event in the Big Apple. The LG Optimus G pro will hits the U.S. Stores with Share the Genius event which in take place in New York City.


Some source says that the LG Optimus G pro will be launched Via AT&T on May 10th. It hard for LG Optimus G pro to market in USA, because the LG flagship device entering market against the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. The device has some good features like QSlide 2.0 which allows multi-taskers to view two apps at once, smart video users the front facing camera to track your eyes monument on Screen, if your eyes is not on screen the video is stop play. Is this features of LG Optimus G Pro will help to make buzz against Samsung galaxy S4 or HTC One?