Recent the news are full of with the manufacturing of the various works where the Smart watch variants are in now current base of announcement in the news reports. There is another about the Google’s Smart Watch plans that appears in the news. So, the Apple and Samsung are previously declared that are both performing the tasks on the latest versions that are properly connected with the watches then at that time how the LG can go separately that comes out in Korea Times.


Now LG is functioning on the Smart Watch and it is also going to keep long time performance and the competition is on the top level as well as in the volatile organizations it has overspread and ready to compete with others.

LG is now available with great performance in the industry as well. The LG brand providing superb products and durable electronics devices and materials and the different technology of the LG brand is believed that in on top in the market position and it is revealed by the report of “Korea Times”.

But is also true that many of the products are still on progress and under developed position by the LG Electronics.

Even, another thing is that it is not fixed that on which operating system actually the LG Smart Watch will be powered on. The Android and Firefox operating system that one of the practical processes for the organizations.