Samsung is a renowned South Korean multinational company that has lot of stake in the global electronic market. Apart from that this company also has stakes in other industries like insurance, heavy industries, engineering and many more. However, the sole consumer electronic product that has helped in capturing the global market is the cheap mobile phones which drew the attention of the global clients.


However, the brand name continued to innovate with their range of products and thereafter came up with its range of Android phone i.e. Galaxy series which has spontaneously become a hit among the potential consumers. One of the important factors that has helped this brand to retain its hold in the global market, despite the tough challenge posed by other electronic brands, is its thorough knowledge of the demand of the global consumers and spontaneous response to it. And of course we cannot ignore the competitive price of the Samsung products with uncompromising quality that has played a pivotal role in capturing the global market.

In the present time in keeping with its trend to respond to the needs of the consumers, Samsung is coming up with a new range of advanced and user friendly tablets that will be available at a competitive price. Thus, this brand which has earned accolades for popularizing the concept of Android phones is now going to establish itself in the tablet market as well. If we are believe in the news of the insider, this February at the Mobile World Congress 2013 Samsung is going to launch two tablets which are code named as SANTOS.


It is a 3G tablet which works on Android’s Jelly Bean OS. The OS is supported by 2GB RAM and has 16GB to 32GB external storage capacity. This product has a front and back camera as well as Wi- Fi capabilities. This tablet is only 8 inch in length and extremely light in weight. The high definition LCD screen of the tablet will provide the users with crystal clear display. Moreover this tablet has an integrated 1.6 quad-core processor which ensures that speedy delivery.


Roma is also advanced tablet but we are not yet updated about the specifications of this product. We could only gather that this tablet will also have a 5 megapixel camera with an external memory up to 32GB. This tablet is also going to be released in 2013. The model number of phone is GT-P8200.

Both these tablets will be at first available in white color and some other colors might be available afterwards. We are extremely hopeful that Samsung is again going to create a niche for itself in the market for tablet in the global sphere and give a tough challenge to other brands.