This is a very general question for new Android users. If you buy a Chinese Android phones/tablets, and want to imports all the contact form your SIM on your new phones powered by Google OS Android, then you are at right place. In this post I am tell you how to import contracts from SIM on Chinese Android mobile. Just follow the below step by step guide about same.

I love Android OS because it is very user friendly and even a new user can import all contact from old SIM to new Android Smartphone.


Step by Step Guide about How to import SIM Contacts on Android Smartphone

  • Insert your SIM Card into your New Android Smartphone
  • On your home Screen, go to contacts application and tab on the Menu button.
  • On the Menu there are many options, you need to choose import/Export option and next tap on import from SIM Card.
  • Your SIM card contacts will now be saved in to to your phone’s memory

Note : Make sure that all contacts are visible, otherwise you only import certain groups.

That it, you are import SIM contact on your Android smartphone.

If you have any problem in importing your SIM contact on Android Smartphone, feel free to comment