With my Android device, I do many ordinary and extraordinary things in my day to day life but I am in deep love with mobile photography. With my Android device, I take awe-inspiring pictures with great ease. Android 4.2 enabled devices, with their Photo Sphere Mode, can even create 360-degree photos of my surroundings. However, there’s another outstanding mode which is not much discussed is High Dynamic Range mode, also known as HDR.

A proper use of HDR mode can really get you panoramic pictures. I have come across some brilliant HDR images on the internet. These pictures were taken from a DSLR camera and merged through an HDR photo editing tool. Now, can the HDR feature on Android devices match this standard? What HDR actually is? How does is function? How can you use HDR in the best possible way?

After going through this post, I am sure, you will get all the answers to your queries. You may also go through the video tutorial towards the end of this post.

What is HDR?

Basically, HDR refers to High Dynamic Range. It is the method of capturing images having “greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods” (Wikipedia).

HDR images are often depicted as saturated, high in contrast, and rich in colors. An HDR image may make you feel that it has been created with a lot of hard work and it must be very time-consuming process but, in fact, it a quite easy and simple process.

The process includes capturing a number of shots of a given object but in multiple exposures. Then all these images, with multiple exposures, are combined in a single image, which results in one highly detailed image. Professional photographers often use HDR software to merge and edit images, which most of the times results in awesome, dreamlike images.


HDR Mode on Android works on the same principles to that of a DSLR camera but it is far simpler than it functioning on a DSLR camera. HDR on Android devices usually correct the instabilities of exposure in great details on both the background and foreground of the subject.

Placed hereunder is an image taken by Galaxy Camera without HDR mode. This will let me show you how actually the HDR mode works.

Do you have HDR?

The HDR mode is not supported by all the Android devices. You have to check out for the HDR option in your device’s camera app.


On some high-end Samsung devices, the HDR option can be found under the Shooting Mode menu.

Some custom Camera apps (e.g., HTC One X and Desire X) have  the HDR option in the Camera Scenes section.

Try to look for HDR in the camera’s Settings menu, if you are not able to trace out HDR under Shooting Mode or Camera Scenes. For example, some Sony devices (e.g., the Xperia T and Xperia V) place HDR under the camera’s Settings menu.

Img: AndroidAuthorityhow-to-use-hdr-android