tag wi-fi access points

The Android devices come with many features. There are many features that you might be using, but many might be unknown to you. For example, I am damn sure that many of you might not be familiar with the power of tagging WiFi access points as mobile hotspots on Android device. Right?

tag wi-fi access points
tag wi-fi access points

Those who are wondering about why to do so, then let me tell you that there are many cases in which one wishes to tag WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. Consider the case of having Android device with you which does not have its own data plan. Another interesting case is traveling outside, when you hope to save the data roaming charges.

Anyways, thanks to the feature of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which makes it possible for you to tag WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. When you do tethering between two Android Jelly Bean devices, then you need not to do anything manually. This latest version of Android is wise enough to take the WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. Android Jelly Bean knows how to make perfect use of your limited data plan, the data plan for which you are paying a big money.

Well, no need to worry if you want to use this feature between a Jelly Bean and other Android device without Jelly Bean on it. Even this is possible between a Jelly Bean and non-Android device. In any of these cases, you need to tell your Android device about it. Tell that you are on the mobile hotspot.  This is very simple to do. Just navigate to the Settings > Data usage. There you need to tap on an option reading dots.

After clicking on dots, you will see the option of Mobile Hotspots. Just tap on it, and you will be taken to a new page in no time. where you will see all saved wireless networks. You need to select the network, and your manual part will end here.

Your Android device will get the info that you are using mobile hotspot, and thus it will limit data usage. How? Well, it’s up to your Android device only. You need not to concern about it. You can even set some restrictions manually, and your Android device will take care of them.