Samsung announced the faster data download version of Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advance technology. Everyone wants faster Samrtphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a flagship Android smartphone, it blazing fast and full of features. We can make you SG4 faster my making few basic tweaks, it is very simple step by step guide. This post is under our How to Samsung Galaxy S4 series.

When you enter or exit an app or game, changes window and turn your screen on and off this id due to animation are this look cool? You can customize and make your smartphone faster. Here is the step how to customize your Galaxy S4 for faster speed.

  1. Tab to Developer Option in setting ( I will write about how to enter in developer setting)squeeze-blazing-fast-speeds-out-your-samsung-galaxy-s4
  2. After that Scroll down to the Drawing section there are some animation potionssqueeze-blazing-fast-speeds-out-your-samsung-galaxy-s41
  3. There are three animation options – Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. Click on individually and you shall see a bunch of different option available theresqueeze-blazing-fast-speeds-out-your-samsung-galaxy
  4. By default, in Galaxy S4 they are all set to 1X, here you select your option, I like to set mine to half that speed (0.5 X). but if you want to remove animation completely than set the scales “off”

This change increases your Galaxy S4 speed. So play with your Galaxy S4 and fine more way to make faster and do not forget to share with us.