Recover lost Android device

So you bought an amazing Android device after saving every single penny for a long time? What if you suddenly lost your Android device? Well, if you think that it’s not going to happen, then let me tell you that no displeasing happens after knocking the door, it just gets happened. So, if it happens, then what will you do to recover your lost Android device? If you are thinking that there is no way to get the lost Android device back, then you are on the wrong track. It’s really possible, and there are no. of apps that make it possible. Here is the list of best apps to recover lost Android device.

Recover lost Android device

Plan B

This is undoubtedly the best app to recover your lost Android device. Well, as you know, most of the users are not concerned about the security of their Android device. Therefore, they don’t download and install any app that could help them in recovering the lost Android device. This is where ‘Plan B’ app comes into use. This is the only app so far that you can install on your Android device after losing it. You can install it remotely from the Google Play Store by providing the login details that you used to use in the lost Android phone. Once you install this app remotely on your lost Android device, it will start its work. It will trace the location of your lost Android device, and then will send you complete details about the location along with a link to Google Maps.

Where’s My Droid

Good no. of downloads and star rating make this app as one of the best apps to recover Android device. This app can trace the location of your lost Android device via GPS, and then can send a link to Google Maps. It can turn the ringer volume up and down. Moreover, you can remotely delete all crucial data of your lost Android device, and can lock it as well.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

This app is an all-in-one app which you can use to keep your Android device protected from viruses, spyware, malware etc. You can use this app to remotely lock your Android device to prevent any unauthorized access. You can make your Android device scream independent of the fact that what its volume level is.