Yes, I realise that you are a very good developer and you have also developed a few android applications and games. You have given it to your friends and a few colleagues and the review that you have got is much more that what you expected! That is exceptionally good, but there stays a problem. Did you design the application for yourself? Did you design the application for your friends and colleagues? The answer is obviously ‘NO’! You did it for everyone and to earn something out of it if possible. For that you will need people to download your game or application and use it. For people to download and use your application you will have to make sure that they come to know about your application. You will have to submit your game or application to some archive and make it available for download. But For all this to happen, first of all, you will have to promote your game or application. I am myself a developer and let me tell you what I did and what you should do.


Thus here you will face the prime question just like I did that how can you promote your game or application? There can be many way to promote your application. You can write down something about your application and post it somewhere. Preferably these submissions of posts should be in blogs and forums with high amount of visitors. These posts should have a do – follow link that redirects the visitor to the place from where they can download the application.

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Another way by which you can promote you applications and games is by hiring agencies or submitting your applications to some networks. Let me remind you here that this costs money.

1. Promotion of applications via Agencies: Certain application promoting agencies can be used to promote your applications. They use some marketing techniques and methods to let the news of your applications reach the maximum number of people. Examples of application promoting agencies are: AppPromo, ProAppMarketing, ComboApp, etc.

2.  Promotion of applications using Application Promotion Networks: There are various networks that are ready to promote applications for you. Yes again, this will also cost you money. But at least this gives you a surety that your applications will be promoted. Now whether people download and continue using your game or applications will solely depend on the quality of the product itself. Few examples of networks that might help you to promote your applications are: Appflood, Jampp, Leadbolt, TapJoy, etc.

3. Promotion via Social Networks and Blogs: This is another means of promotion. The extent to which it will work cannot be said in any definite fashion. You can promote your applications by sharing the link of your applications. This might just take your product to various people from all over the world.

Let me tell you my advice to you, If you want to achieve glory, then you have to struggle hard. I did. I followed all the methods that I have mentioned above. If you also follow the above steps, you will also receive success!