Samsung Galaxy S4 is a powerful Smartphone and come with many pre-loaded android apps. The stock weather app – Accuweather App- is pre-loaded in Galaxy S4, but it not looking great because it have very limited options. So do you want more customization options with information in Stock Weather widget? Of-course, yes, only than you are here, read on


In this post I will talk about how you get transparent Weather widgets for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Android developer Jon Ciepiela has created two variations to the stock AccuWeather widget for Galaxy S4 – a 70% transparent and 100% transparent.

Note: this guide working only for Sansung Galaxy S4 Smartphone, do not use on other Smartphone. You Galaxy S4 must have ClockworkMod recovery installed.

The installation of this module on your Galaxy S4 is super easy. Below is the guide about how to transparent Weather widget on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Download the Transparent weather widget .zip file (any one version, from the link given below) onto your SGS4 and move the file to your SD card. Now flash in recovery. Everything is done by the scrip itself just wait and watch. That’s all you done it

70% transparent and 100% transparent

If you want to revert back to the original widget, simply flash the restore file in recovery mode like you did with one of the mods above.

If you have any problem installing the widget feel free to comment.


  1. can somebody answer me, what does mean this sign: little sun-clock near 5:44? i’ve found it in my app too, and i didnt see it before. thank.