I hope you enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S4 Samrtphone. The Beat Audio was the exclusive features of HTC devices, now you can able to enable Beat Audio features on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Samrtphone also. In this post we talk how to enable Beat Audio Equalizer features on your SGS4 smartphone.   You can tweak headset, phone speaker and Bluetooth sound quality. Increase bass boost, enable virtual room effect, set equalizer that you prefer with this features. So do not weasting your time I am start the step by step guide below


Step by Step guide how to enable Beats Audio on Galaxy S4

  1. Installed beat Audio, Flow the link and download
  2. Go on Setting menu
  3. Select my device Tab
  4. And next go to sound
  5. Next select Music effect
  6. And last step, Select BeatEQ

 That’s it, you done this, now the Beat Audio is enable on your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Enjoy the better sound quality on your beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Hope this post help you. Please like our facebook Page for more guide on your walls


  1. OK I downloaded its a zip file and when I open it where what do I do with the folders files?
    Do I flash this via recovery?