When I am going to buy an Android smartphone, the first thing which I see is Battery power. As a smartphone user, we used our Android phones too much and battery backup is not too good. The biggest problem of an Android Smartphone user is their poor battery life. There are so many reasons for your poor battery life. So you want to improve your Android Smartphone battery life. For that you have to find out what application of your Smartphone consume maximum of battery power and after that you can change the setting of your smartphone to improve battery life. In this post I will talk about how to check battery usage on your Android Smartphone? There is option for thing on your android smartphone for finding what apps usage what percentage of your batter and even you know when you list recharge your battery and how much time runs your battery , please follow step by step guide below.


How to Check Battery usage on Android Phone?

  1. From the Home Screen, Click the MENU button
  2. Click on SETTINGS
  3. Scroll down to “ About Phone”
  4. Click on “Battery” or “Battery Use”
  5. On the Battery Use screen you will see a percentage of its use next to each process.

that it, after know the percentage usage of each process after that you can optimize your Smartphone for better battery life. Have you any question or suggestion let me tell via comment.