The smartphone technology is following the uptrend, and this the reason why the smartphones have become an important part of life. You can use smartphones for any purpose such as health, finance, study etc. Thanks to the apps that make it possible. You might have used your smartphone for the aforementioned things, but soon you will be able to use your smartphone to reduce the traffic jam and improve the fuel efficiency. Yeah, this will be possible using the app built by Japanese car-maker Honda.

honda apps

Honda has tested their app and which can reduce the traffic jam’s formation by an average of six minutes. In the test-mode, the app was able to improve the fuel efficiency by whopping 22 percent.

As per the report of Tech-On, the Honda worked hard with researchers at the University of Tokyo on a toll road in Jakarta to develop the smartphone app that can do the tasks or say magic as mentioned in the title of post. The hard work was done between September 2012 to February 2013.

The concept on this new app by Honda is quite simple. One tough thing to do in driving is to keep a safe distance from the car in front. Most of the drivers fail to do so which ultimately results in accidents. Honda tested two concepts to make sure that the app does a great job for which it is meant. Out of the two tested concepts, one operates as a standalone system, while the another one monitors the driving patterns of the cars by connecting to cloud server.

Both the concepts tested by Honda brought unbelievable results and happiness among the guys working on the app. Both of these systems resulted in delay in traffic jam’s formation by six minutes. The standalone system resulted in 20 percent improvement in the fuel efficiency. The other tested system, the interactive system resulted in 22 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, slightly better than that of standalone system.

Honda is looking forward to embed this amazing technology in their cars. This technology is really good for everyone as the traffic jams is really a big problem and cause many problems to people. Apart from that, as the rates of fuels are increasing one day after the other, so everyone looks for the ways to minimize the consumption. This new technology will really sole both the problems, right?

There are no signs that when this Honda’s smartphone app will be getting released. We will update you once the app is out. Stay tuned!