There has been a lot of buzz about Google’s upcoming app, called Google Babel. While Google has maintained silence over the whole matter since rumors first started making rounds, a lot has been learnt about the application so far. Babel is set to be a cross-platform messaging application that will offer a service that has never been experienced before. Initial speculations suggested that Babel will include Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google Hangouts. The syncing capabilities of the application will be cross-platform, which is really great. No information is known yet about whether Google will provide it across the different mobile platforms. However, it’s clear at this point that both Android and iOS will be getting it. As Google is known to extend its services beyond Android users, Windows 8 and Blackberry OS users will probably get it as well.


With Google’s I/O drawing ever closer, it has emerged that Google Babel will simply be called Hangouts. The Verge, was able to acquire a beta version of it and explore its functionalities, and according to them, that will be the official name. The Holo design will be maintained. The application will not have any SMS/MMS support, so its unified messaging capabilities will not be as robust as initially thought. The icon will have the same look and design of the messenger, but it will be green instead.

Google’s conference will bring some long awaited answers, with the biggest expectation being the unveiling of the new version of Android v4.3 JellyBean. The Holo design is expected come to Gmail and location based reminders will be integrated into Google Now. These features have been desired for long now, and one can hardly wait to see the full list of new stuff that Google will disclose to the world on their 3 day event that is less than two weeks away.